Maud Devès

Maud Devès (F) was educated in material sciences (MSc 2006) and in geophysics (PhD 2010), and has since then been involved in various research fields. Combining observations with modeling, her research activity has been predominantly aimed at understanding better the mechanical and thermal behavior of the Earth’s Lithosphere. She is particularly interested in exploring the interplay between distributed and localized deformation as well as the relationship between deformation and heat generation with application to related issues such as metamorphism, plutonism and volcanism.

Since 2011, she is also actively involved in researches exploring the interplay between landscape dynamics and human evolution. For that, she works with a team of archaeologists and anthropologists from the University of York at integrating our respective knowledge and technics to tackle important issues, such as archaeological site visibility or hominin dispersal.

She has immersed myself more deeply in anthropology and gained an MSc in Psychology/Psychoanalytic Anthropology in 2013. Her pluri-disciplinary experience has led her to appreciate that the interface between science and society requires a good understanding of the processes or events that affect our natural surroundings – disasters, climate or landscape change – as well as a good understanding of their potential interplay with our societies.

Since January 2015, she is in charge of the research axis called «Risks, expertise and disaster media coverage» for the program « Politics of the Earth » at Sciences Po.